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QVH Systems, a consulting, technology and data analytics company in Tulsa, announced today the release of a new software solution to help physicians and other health professionals achieve success under Medicare’s new payment program called “MIPS”.  QVH COO, Brad Cost, states, “at $49.95, the MIPS Navigator™ is the best value for physicians and other health care providers facing MIPS.”

Medicare paid clinicians nearly $70 billion in 2015, an amount Congress and CMS think should be reduced through changes in the payment system.  Since the ACA was passed, Medicare has transitioned from paying clinicians a fixed fee for each service provided to paying a fee adjusted for “value”.  MIPS is the latest program along these lines.  

The stakes are huge for clinicians with potential penalties starting at -4% of Medicare revenue to -9% over the next 5 years.

“Understanding MIPS is incredibly difficult; but doing well under MIPS is relatively easy with the right support,” said QVH CEO, Michael Sexton, M.D..  “MIPS Navigator™ makes it easy for physicians and other health professionals to create the best path under MIPS for their unique circumstances.”

Catherine Hanson, J.D., QVH Chief of Strategic Solutions, said, “I find it outrageous that physicians are being charged thousands of dollars in consulting fees and spending countless hours trying to learn about MIPS when they should be spending that time and money focused on the specific measures and activities that will help them improve quality of care and the patient experience.”

About QVH Systems

QVH Systems is dedicated to maximizing Quality, Value and Health in the rapidly changing payment environment. We understand that high quality, cost efficient, patient-centered care is sustainable only when physicians and other health professionals are treated respectfully.

The MIPS Navigator™ can be accessed at mips.qvhsystems.com.

For more information, contact us at: MIPSNavigator@qvhsystems.com. Follow us on Facebook at QVH Systems and at QVHSystems on Twitter.

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