QVH Systems, LLC
QVH Systems, LLC
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Industry: Healthcare

Founded: 2016

About QVH Systems

QVH Systems is dedicated to maximizing Quality, Value and Health in all delivery systems by following the most efficient path toward that goal - providing an affordable way for physicians and other health care professionals to achieve and maintain clinically satisfying and financially rewarding practices in the rapidly changing payment environment, regardless of their mode of practice.

Our Mission

To help physicians and other health care professionals in all modes of practice achieve a clinically satisfying and financially rewarding transition to new payment models by providing affordable health information technology and consulting expertise customized to leverage each local group's existing competencies and resources.

To give the local physicians and other clinicians control and accountability for the leadership, management and governance of the health care delivery system in their communities and provide a means to participate with other entities, including local health plans and other entities that share the same goals.

Our Vision

The achievement of the Triple Aim - higher quality, lower costs and better health through optimized patient-clinician relationships in community-focused, physician-led, clinically integrated delivery systems which respect the professionalism of their health professionals and prioritize the provision of meaningful data at the point of care.